Sensing Body is a mindful movement practice for performers and non-performers to increase bodymind awareness in daily life on and off the stage. 

Anchored in embodied anatomy, expanded states of perception and addressed attention, I guide you to engage in subtle and playful movement explorations. You are facilitated to let go judgemental control and conditionings, as well as to gain endurance for attentive investigation. With time of practice, you expand your range of embodied experience - sensations, qualities of movement, states of being. You learn to tap into this enlarged bodymind awareness as resource for moving what and the way it needs to be moved in each moment.  You learn to be receptive and give time to tune into the inner body, and to be flexible and courageous to connect with the outside.  The regular practice allows a flow and outflow of energy, tensions and emotions that we inevitably collect in our bodies. It enriches the healing, expressive and creative power of the moving body. 

12.Feb - 25.June 2019


Tuesdays 10:30 - 12:00

Life Artists - Creators Hub | Pyramid Floor

Milastraße 4 10437 Berlin 

TRY OUT 10€  / Drop in 15€

"A precious space for diving into a world of sensation. Xica's classes bring me healing in a way of deepening the understanding and the visceral experience of my body in motion. Thank you!  

Matthias Schreiber, yoga teacher and physiotherapist

"There is profound beauty in the simplicity of this work and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes for a space and guidance to connect to their body on a deeper level." 

Daniel Bernhard Cremer, performer, director, guide for love empowerment 

"It's a trip into the potential and complexity of each specific body, always respecting our limits and necessary time to absorb the new information."

Murillo Basso, actor and dancer

"Xica is an amazing facilitator, and I always come back home feeling my body expanding, and this continues with the progress of each encounter. As an actress and performer this continuous process is essential for my professional care."

Fernanda Valdivieso, actress and performer

“Xica's classes are an incredible experience. Knowledge, fun, pleasure and dance. Highly recommend to everyone!”

Felipe Sant’Angelo, actor, director, playwright and screenwriter


If you have any questions please write me an email at or contact me on WhatsApp: +4917670400275. 

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